Translucent fiberglass looks beautiful whether internally lit at night or lit by the sun during the day.

[Light cone at Legacy Emanuel Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon designed by Nanda D'Agostino]

Fiberglass transmits light through itself to emit a soft glow -  it can be lit using colored lights for a dramatic effect.

[Arizona Science Center entrance canopy designed by Architekton]


American Fiberglass

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When used either as an accent or the focal point of a design, fiberglass offers a unique and striking look.

[Falcon Field Airport terminal in Mesa, Arizona designed by DWL Architects]

Fiberglass can also be colored intrinsically and lit using white light. 

[Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport parking structure cylinders designed by Jody Pinto]

American Fiberglass specializes in translucent fiberglass art and architectural features.  We have been involved in designing, engineering, and fabricating  pieces all over the U.S. and internationally for over 30 years. 

We can fabricate virtually any shape in any color. 

Pieces are typically internally lit and are illuminated at night

American Fiberglass' proprietary resin formula resists UV and weather degradation and keeps colors vibrant for decades.