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American Fiberglass pioneered the concept of a fiberglass floating pump station in the early 1970's

By using the latest manufacturing techniques and the best chemical resistant resins, our pump barges are capable of sustained use in hostile environments, including salt water and acid.

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Safety is our most important design consideration.  American Fiberglass pump barges incorporate a long list of features to protect personnel and equipment, including:

-Engineered ballast to prevent overturning

-Heavy-duty guardrail

-Fiberglass standoff to protect pump impeller if the lake or pond runs dry

-Durable and non-conductive fiberglass construction

-Hull will retain flotation in the event of a breach

American Fiberglass pump station barges are designed with maximum service life in mind.  One of our first barge projects was completed in 1972 and is still in use today.  Competing materials such as plastic, steel, and poor quality fiberglass degrade in a matter of a few years, especially in the harshest service environments.

We design, engineer, and provide everything necessary for a full floating pump station: fiberglass barges, pumps and motors, piping, manifolds, valves, electrical instrumentation, and more. 

American Fiberglass pump barges can be constructed in modules that can be shipped cheaply anywhere on Earth in a container and assembled with commonly available tools.