American Fiberglass QUality

American Fiberglass has a proven track record of manufacturing floating pump barges and floating pump stations for over 40 years. 

We have innovated our designs over the years, but our fundamental commitment to safety, dependability, and overall quality has never changed. 

 Quality matters.  Often, a pump barge must do its job in the harshest possible conditions.  Not all fiberglass is created equal.  In many cases, other manufacturers will cut corners by using inexperienced fabricators and cheap materials that appear the same upon delivery but perform poorly over time.

The photo on the right shows two American Fiberglass barges and a third from a lower quality competitor on the same mine site.  All three are fiberglass, but Brand X has degraded to the point of being unusable, possibly damaging a valuable pump as well as causing costly down time. 

American Fiberglass never cuts corners.  Our pump barges can be depended on for decades of trouble-free service and protection of the personnel and equipment aboard.  

American Fiberglass

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